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Dear Rep. Todd Lucas, 
In a quote, regarding the “tongue in cheek” meme you posted, you stated, “I personally made up (the meme) to mock the fact that government is taxing our children and grandchildren, putting debt on their back to distribute money after they’ve made everybody desperate...” 
Herein lies the contradiction of your “reasoning”. Had that been what you meant, then the meme SHOULD HAVE BEEN worded, “My parents gon’ get free money that I’ll have to pay back”. That would have been the proper context in which to make such a statement. In addition, you stated, “(you) saw this cute, cocky little kid...”. You couldn’t find on all of the Google searches available a “cute cocky little” white kid to fulfill your mission of making fun of the government? Of course you may have thought because you skated thru before with this, give it another go. Your arrogance would not allow you to stop and think about the consequences of your actions. 
Additionally, the “(You) don’t see color” line? Quite tired and very lame by today’s standards. Nobody says that anymore except, well... “you people”. 
Finally, you stated, “Too many people choose to be offended by pretty much anything right now and I refuse to live my life walking on eggshells. I don’t know what it is about the media, but you’re trying to make something out of nothing.” No sir, the media didn’t do this. The Republican Party did this by allowing (sitting silently, giving consent) when Candidate Trump made a point of enabling his base to go ahead and be politically incorrect (which is very much akin to being “personally impolite”. We who choose to be offended by politicians like you, have long been offended by politicians like you. 
You deserve to be removed by the House Speaker from you committee duties and demoted from your Vice chairmanship. Furthermore, you do NOT deserve to represent the people of the State of Indiana. 
Your refusal to apologize, seemingly shows you feel entitled (and arrogant) in being distasteful, and degrading towards the 600,000 plus residents of Indiana and the 42m of America. 
Prayerfully, you never became the racial butt of someone who is a leader, who should hold themselves to a higher standard and see people’s aspect before repeating this type of behavior. However, if you do become a target of someone’s joke because of your race, look back at this moment, and “cry me a river”. 


Are we really ready for the next phase?  Since March 23rd, the states of the Union began to close, in an effort to prepare for the onslaught of this awful disease which became known as "Covid - 19".  Businesses closed, people lost jobs, and toilet paper began to disappear.  We were preparing for the worst. State governors began issuing "stay-at-home" executive orders.  The cry went out to "hunker down".  The medical personnel began scurrying, trying to gather needed equipment so they could be ready to serve the potential patients.  Local governments began to adapt to the need to put processes in place that would help the citizens they serve.  All of this was preparation for what was deemed "the worst pandemic in world history".

Thankfully, if you're reading this, you made it.  Regretfully, many didn't and even more horribly, many more won't.  But there is an "other side" to this.  The other side, whether through it's dissipation or a vaccine, whether it goes away or we learn to live with it, are you ready for the next phase.

Many of us, before the pandemic struck, were financially as well as emotionally and perhaps, even spiritually, hurting, struggling, and in desperate need fo a "reset".  During this three month period of lockdowns, shutdowns, hunker downs, stay at home period, what have you thought about in regard to the future?  People bought and hoarded toilet paper in preparation for the bad time to come.  What have you done in preparation for after the bad time has passed?  Will you go back to business as usual? Are you satisfied with saying, well, it wasn't THAT bad?  Are you still thinking survival or are you visualizing living?

May I suggest to you, it's time to look forward.  The future starts NOW.